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Fujifilm 400 Film Photos & Review

We've shared some of our favourite 35mm films for beginners before, and when faced with 100s of different films to choose from, we get that it can be overwhelming.

Among the options, Fujifilm 400 is a top pick for both beginners and seasoned photographers. It was actually one of the first films I used when shooting on film in Japan.

Celebrated for its natural colour reproduction, fine grain, and remarkable versatility, this film offers a distinctive aesthetic that digital photography often struggles to match.

Interested in learning more about Fujifilm 400? Join us as we explore its performance and showcase a selection of photos captured on Fujifilm 400 during my travels in Japan.

Fujifilm 400 Specifications






C-41 Negative





Lighting Conditions

Performs well in various lighting conditions


24 or 36exp

Fujifilm 400 35mm film has earned a solid reputation among photographers for several compelling reasons.

Firstly, its ISO 400 rating makes it highly versatile, allowing it to perform well in a wide range of lighting conditions. This flexibility means you can confidently use Fujifilm 400 whether you're shooting in bright daylight, cloudy weather, or indoors with challenging lighting.

This adaptability is particularly beneficial for photographers who need a reliable, all-purpose film for various situations without constantly changing rolls.

When we were travelling in Japan, this film performed excellently in the diverse lighting conditions we encountered, from the overcast skies to the darker mountainous regions.

Key Features of Fujifilm 400

Natural Colours: One of the standout features of Fujifilm 400 is its ability to produce natural and well-balanced colours.

This makes it an excellent choice for capturing everything from vivid landscapes to serene street scenes and intimate portraits. The film enhances natural colours without overly saturating them, providing a realistic and pleasing look.

Fine Grain Structure: Despite its relatively high ISO rating, Fujifilm 400 maintains a good level of detail and sharpness.

This fine grain structure makes it suitable for enlargements and high-quality prints, contributing to the film's overall aesthetic and giving photos a classic, timeless feel.

Performance in Various Lighting Conditions

Daylight: The film performs brilliantly in bright, sunny conditions, capturing rich colours and sharp details. It's ideal for outdoor photography, including landscapes, architecture, and street photography.

Overcast and Cloudy Conditions: Fujifilm 400 handles lower light scenarios effectively, maintaining good contrast and colour accuracy even when the sun isn't shining brightly. This makes it a reliable choice for shooting in variable weather.

Indoor and Low Light: While not specifically a low-light film, Fujifilm 400's higher ISO sensitivity allows it to handle indoor and evening shots better than many lower ISO films. You can shoot indoors with natural light or with a flash and still achieve pleasing results.

Fujifilm 400 Film Photos

Here's a selection of shots taken in Japan on this versatile film stock.

Whether you're documenting your travels, capturing everyday moments, or creating artistic compositions, Fujifilm 400 delivers beautiful, timeless images.

If you give this film stock a try, let us know what you think, and don't forget to get your film processed with us afterwards!

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